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ABCD Pathfinder grant open call 

Leeds City Council (LCC) is looking for organisations with a commitment to Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to work with them to deliver new pathfinder schemes in Leeds.

Leeds has pioneered the use of ABCD, a neighbourhood-based community building approach founded on the principle that given the tools and the opportunity, small groups of people can change the things that they believe need changing in the community better than anyone else. ABCD Pathfinders have facilitated community led action and evidenced a range of positive impacts including an improvement in health and well-being and reduced loneliness and social isolation in our communities.

This is an exciting time to work in Leeds on ABCD as we continue to grow and develop our approach.








Project Delivery

The ABCD Pathfinders will be underpinned by the five core principles of ABCD:  citizen-led, relationship oriented, asset-based, placed-based and inclusion focused. The successful organisation will support this through the employment of an ‘ABCD Community Builder’ who will operate at a neighbourhood level to work with people in the community to develop a vision and a plan, asking: what is best done by the community themselves, what is best done by the community with support, what does the community need outside help with and what can outside agencies stop doing so that people and communities can be in the driving seat?

Community Builders will:

  • Discover, grow, and nurture community connections.

  • Find out the strengths and assets within the community, with the people living there.

  • Build connections through social interaction, activities, and creating spaces that are welcoming and create shareable moments, and foster celebration of people’s gifts and skills through the process.

  • Support communities to take action to make the changes they want to see.

The successful organisation will also need to demonstrate a commitment to embedding an asset-based approach as an organisation, including staff attending ABCD training and being part of other learning opportunities.


The total grant available is £25,000 per pathfinder per annum with work expected to commence April 2024 

Application deadline:  22nd February 2024 12pm

Want to know more?

Please see our “ABCD pathfinder open grant call FAQs” below for frequently asked questions regarding the ABCD pathfinder open grant call. If you would like to have an informal conversation with someone from the team please contact

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