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ABCD in Leeds - Covid 19, what can we learn?

The Covid-19 pandemic presents many challenges to our daily lives but over the last few months we have witnessed countless examples of communities across Leeds coming together to organise mutual aid and solutions that work quickly and effectively for those that need it most. In times of crisis we are reminded of the importance of caring for each other and our neighbors. Everyday we see more and more displays of communities coming together and taking initiative on a local level to solve the problems they face. This is happening without people waiting for permission from institutions, professionals and those in positions of power. This is ABCD in action! ABCD is an exciting global movement that teaches us about meaningful & community led organising. ABCD starts from a place that centers and celebrates the strengths and assets communities have to draw from rather than starting from a point of focusing on what is wrong in communities and needs fixing.

Touchstone, funded by Leeds City Council, have some fantastic opportunities coming up for anyone living or working in Leeds who is interested in learning more about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and how taking a strength based approach to our work & lives can benefit everyone. Join us for a future online session where we will explore the origins, theory and principles that underpin ABCD and help you reflect on our respective roles within communities, both at home and at work. Together we will explore the history and context of ABCD in Leeds and what we can all bring do to contribute to, and support community led change. Opportunities for further learning & reading will be outlined at the end of each session and time is given to explore what ABCD tools have to teach us in the times of Covid-19 and what we can learn from this unique period in time.

Some testimonials from our past training sessions include:

" Really insightful and engaging session."
" Inspired us to think openly about what we can change about the way we work! "

For more information and to secure your place on one of our popular training sessions please visit out Eventbrite page.

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