Lockdown Conversations in Lincoln Green

"Helping someone really can be the best way to get to know them and build connections.”

This was said by one of the local residents, we'll call him 'B', in Lincoln Green in conversation with Rory, the Lincoln Green Community Builder. And it captures the whole ethos of ABCD work - chance conversations, unexpected meetings, chatting over a plate of food listening to music. This is ABCD!

Rory takes up the story... "Through the Dub and Dall event held in September we were able to meet B in Lincoln Green Square where he came down, attracted by the sound of the music and the smell of the food, to see what was happening. In my conversation with B, I explained this was related to our ABCD work. B shared that he had moved to Lincoln Green relatively recently from London and that he used to be active in his community but had not found an organisation or other outlet for this kind of work yet in Leeds. B had previously volunteered in projects working with young people, black elders and migrants and had a lot of experience in this work.

Some weeks after the Dub n Dall event, I received a phone call from B asking about the Small Sparks fund that we have. B was thinking about starting an inter-generational and intercultural men's group in Lincoln Green to create a place where Lincoln Green’s youth, adult and elderly residents from the many diverse backgrounds could meet, form relationships and build a voice in the community.

We talked about various questions to do with the funding and B said he would like to apply, but first wanted to recruit a few members to his group so that it was more of a group effort than just his solo effort.

In my last conversation with B he had made connections with 3 other Lincoln Green residents who had expressed interest in the group and was still keen to pursue the idea. But he also said that since the 3rd lockdown, many people he had previously spoken to who were interested were a bit more wary about getting involved.

But B is going to carry on and, with some backup, is going to plan for when lockdown starts to lift. this space!!!

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