Asset-based community development, put very simply, is a bottom up approach to working with communities that starts from a place that celebrates the strengths and assets communities have to draw from rather than starting from a point of focusing on what is wrong in communities and needs fixing.

By starting from what is what is strong rather than what is wrong, asset-based community development offers an opportunity to build on the skills of local residents and ensures the power of local associations is recognised.

ABCD helps us identify when supportive functions of local institutions are called for and gives back ownership of local change to the people on the ground in their neighborhoods and communities.

Asset-based community development draws upon existing community bonds to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future.

Touchstone in partnership with Leeds City Council hosts a project supporting organisations looking to adopt asset-based community development approaches across Leeds. Through hosting workshops, training, asset mapping, networking opportunities and celebration events we aim to deepen understanding of ABCD practice and develop a shared local language for what this innovative approach means for the city of Leeds. Explore this website for stories, resources and training opportunities coming up in 2020. 

ABCD In Leeds

Leeds City Council is working with 

local and community led organisations to embed the innovative ABCD model. 

In 2018 a pilot scheme was funded by the Leeds City Council to work across 11 localities across the city in sites called 'Pathfinders'. Each Pathfinder site has a strong base in a local community in Leeds and has employed a Community Builder to discover and connect activated citizens to their gifts and assets in their local community.

Community led initiatives and ideas are then provided with“small sparks” of funding and given the tools to uncover a community led 'asset maps'. 

Alongside this work Leeds City Council are working with Touchstone to provide learning opportunities for organisations and practitioners across the city to learn about the benefits of adopting strength based approaches in their work. 

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