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Asset-based thinking and practice

Asset Based Community Development and asset-based approaches have been around for many years, locally, nationally, and globally. This page showcases the wide and broad ranging examples of asset-based thinking, approaches and models.

Active Leeds 

Get Set Leeds Local is a place-based approach taken by Active Leeds, in Leeds City Council. It aims to work collectively, building capacity and capabilities to enable more people to move more often.  Successful Get Set Leeds Local projects have been built on the foundations of an asset-based principles and a co-production approach.









Hey Neighbour

Hey Neighbour asks neighbourhoods what they need and what ideas might work to improve the wellbeing of the local area. We believe that by working in a strength based way working with people in neighbourhoods to develop and fund ideas, communities are encouraged to offer their own resources, time, equipment to carrying out neighbourliness actions for their communities.










NESTA Upstream Collaborative

Nesta and Collaborate worked closely with the Upstream Collaborative, a group of practitioners from 20 pioneering local authorities over a year that has informed the development of a framework which characterises what new operating models in local government look like in practice. Ideas and experiences have been captured in the New Operating Models Handbook, a set of six learning products. Leeds City Council developed: Asset-Based Community Development for Local Authorities - How to rebuild relationships with communities through asset-based approaches.

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